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I Am Yours


Character: Sam Winchester

Reader Gender: Female reader

Author: fuckoff-assbutt.tumblr.com

Word Count: 2412

Warnings: Reader gets hurt (not that much), fluffly smut and I guess that’s it

Prompt 1: Can you do a smutty one with the reader and Sam? Where she gets hurt and there’s sexual tension when he’s iceing her idk something like that? Thanks I love your blog by the way

Prompt 2: I was wondering if you could write a oneshot where Dean or Sam find the music video you were in (as in lead singer or background dancer) and leads to smut somehow? :3

Author’s note: So I mixed this two prompts, I hope I did good. Let me know what you thought! I love to know what are your thoughts on my writing!:)

P.S. English isn’t my first language, in case you encounter some mistakes there

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